Winning in roulette game is all about probability and money management. You need to know how much the odds you will win and how much you can afford to loss.

1. Probability

A few years ago I met Russian man that made $2000 per day playing Roulette. The reason he won so much was simply because he knew his probability.

To accomplish this, he simply counted the chance the red and black will come up after 30 rows. He calculated these numbers thousands of times, until he got pretty accurate pictures of the odds.

He even pushed it further with created software simulation. This software simulation calculated various factors to determine the probability.

2. Money Management

Basically the money management rule in roulette is simple: never bet on single numbers. Any roulette player in the world knows this. But the problem is most often our emotion interfere with our decision.

So we end up making mistakes and losing thousands of dollars. It is not the system, but our emotion that mess everything up.

3. Roulette Betting Software

Fortunately today, we can play roulette at home through online roulette game. If you know the difference this can make a huge impact on your profit.

First of all there is nothing random with online roulette game, or at least there is some non-random action with online roulette game because it is program, a combination of logical condition.

Playing online roulette game will allow you to use software. Software is not prone to emotional interference unlike human.

So you can trust the software to do the trade for you without the fear that it will make human mistakes such as betting too much.

The only thing you need to do is to have computer and internet connection and you are ready on your way to make big profits.

By Rick Lee
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