Reverse Roulette is quite a new contender in the online roulette beating scene, however the fact remains that it’s one of the only strategies that’s proven to beat the casino — either real-world or online — in the long run and actually guaranteed to give the player better odds. In this Reverse Roulette scam review, I’m going to talk about everything I know regarding the program, how it works and most importantly, how much money you can expect to win with it!

Let me begin by saying that it is possible to experience a loss when using Reverse Roulette. While the system is excellent in raising the player’s odds, it doesn’t mean you’ll win 100% of the time. You will however have your long-term odds of winning raised from 47.6% (as is the case with a single ‘0’ wheel) to just below 75%. This means that while a loss is possible (around 25% of the time) in the long run you will come out on top.

Reverse Roulette works not by using the player’s odds of winning to his advantage, but his odds of losing. It’s a little known mathematical fact that when a player bets on certain sections of the board simultaneously, his compounded odds of losing are actually less than his odds of winning. While the increases are only small, when the player uses this by betting on many sections of the board at once, it means he has greatly increased his winning margin over the casino.

The Reverse Roulette system teaches the player to identify these betting patterns easily and quickly so that he can implement them in the hustle and bustle of a real-world casino as well as those online. While it may be slightly daunting at first, you should have the system down within about half an hour of learning it.

The wins you’ll experience using the Reverse Roulette system are not immense, however when played over a long period of time you can expect to make anywhere between $20-$40 in an average hour, and up to $80 in a good hour; however wins of $150+ an hour have been recorded in particularly good sessions.

The reason the amount you can expect to take home every hour depends on chance a little as you do have around a 25% chance of losing every hand, but on average you will come out on top 3 out of every four bets.

When you compare Reverse Roulette to other electronic betting systems that rely on raising upon a loss, Reverse Roulette is much slower in attaining wins, however in the long run is about the only guaranteed way the player has of actually beating the game. While using Reverse Roulette will probably never put a Ferrari F430 in your garage, you can expect to use it as a means to leave your job if you put in enough hours of gaming time. And let me tell you from personal experience, gambling for a living is a lot more fun than working 9-5.

By Zach