The name itself is a derivative of a French word meaning “small wheel.” It is also argued that roulette originated from an old Chinese game, but due to lack of evidence, France is accepted as the place of origin of roulette game. However, for live roulette loyalists, it was enough that the game was invented and that they are able to enjoy it. Live roulette is an interactive gambling game. It adds life to gambling in an online gambling environment.

Although the game has passed through centuries, very little change has been seen in a roulette game from the original version. This says how exciting the game already was when it was first invented.

The main modification brought about in the game was the addition of a zero pocket. This transformation was made mostly for the casinos as it gave them an advantage over the players. When the game made its debut in U.S. another zero was added to it. This led to two variations of the roulette game. The one zero European version, and the two zeros American version.

The game

Live roulette is an interactive game, which lets players place their chips on the roulette table while watching the game on TV or online. Players can call the call center or play virtually with the aid of the internet. The game was broadcast for the first time in June 2005. It was started with the objective of finding out if such a platform would work with gamblers. The initiative has proved to be quite a success.
Roulette online is a very entertaining and easy to learn gambling game. The players place wagers on a combination of colors and numbers that is present on a wheel. Next, the dealer spins the wheel with the small white ball spinning in the opposite direction. When the spinning ends and the ball rests on a single slot in the wheel, the dealer announces the winning number and collects all the bets.

The gamble in a game of roulette online is the assumption of where the ball will fall after the spinning completes. The wheel has 37 to 38 slots with the house edge being 2.7% for a European roulette and 5.26% for an American roulette.

A roulette online table holds six to eight players at one time. In order to differentiate between the betters and the bets, players of the same table are assigned a unique color. Once the player puts down his money, he is provided with a stack of chip equivalent to the amount of cash he betted. The roulette online table has colors assigned to each betting unit. He then places a roulette bet on the table before the spinning begins. After the ball starts to spin, the dealer announces that no more bets are allowed at that point. Another rule is that once the bet is placed and the spinning begins, the bet cannot be changed. If a player tries to contact with his chips, the dealer gives a warning for violating the roulette rules.

Once the ball falls into a slot, the dealer announces the winner, places a plastic marker, pays the winner, and collects the bet. No new bets can be placed or chips can be collected until the marker is removed. Once the marker is removed, the ball is set for another round of roulette online game.

By Hershel Wolf
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