Video slot machines are basically, the future of slot machine games. Things have come on a considerable way since the era of bars, bells and cherries and that one winning line at the center for you to eye nervously. In fact, the evolution is frankly, nothing short of spectacular.

A video slot machine game will emulate every one of the standard elements of the slot, but add a huge selection of new twists which have taken slots gaming into the 21st century.

The very first is the quantity of winning lines. You may get 2 or three possibly with a mechanised slot, however for a video slot machine game you may get nine, fifteen, 25 and even 30 lines that will provide cash payouts, all of which can be calculated at lightning speed.

The next aspect is how many reels. The best thing about a video slot, where it is all graphics, is that you simply may have any amount of reels you’re considering. The main style currently appears to be five reels, to allow a calculable amount of winning lines, however it may be as many as you enjoy.

One other element of video slots which have genuinely dramatically changed things is the bonus video games they’re able to offer. It can take gamblers out of the push button, spin reels aspect of slots and straight into a alternate world. It is possible to go through mazes, shoot villains, scale towers – in fact what can be done is in fact unlimited – with only the power of graphic design and animation controlling you. All of it means that much more can be done with tie ins with motion pictures, Television or animated characters, rather than painting them lovingly on to reels.

The video slot is currently the established kind of slot machine game.

By Jan Hernych
Jan Hernych is an author, poker player, casino visitor and gambler