With all due respect to the latest expansion to World of Warcraft, Wraith of the Lich King – it is not the most interesting has happened to World of Warcraft. At least not if you look at it with a poker player’s eyes.
A poker game inside a fantasy game
What attracted our interest to the World of Warcraft for this article was the Texas Holdem module available for the world’s largest MMOG (massively multiplayer online game).
With WoW Texas Holdem you can play poker inside World of Warcraft,with your own character and to other WoW players. It is a great way to kill time while waiting for something to happen, as you move from A to B, etc..
Say you and 24 other players decide to meet for a big assignment at. six. When do you usually get started when, in all honesty? At seven o’clock, at half past eight? While you wait is a game of Texas Holdem really not a bad alternative to just hanging around in town and complain that you do not have anything to do.

WoW Holdem table.
Pretty simple poker game
WoW Texas Holdem is a pretty simple poker. The game is in force no-limit Texas Hold’em exclusively, and there are only cash games, no tournaments. On the other hand, no limit is after all what most people in the poker world prefer to play. It’s the Cadillac of poker, right!
Poker table in WoW Texas Holdem is clean and tidy and well done, with the usual buttons to fold, call, raise – or go all-in. Medspelarnas stacks and avatars appear at the table, as well as the current pot size and bet that you have to call when it’s your turn. You can then sit out if you need to go away for a while.
The program fits in very nicely with World of Warcraft environment and allows you to keep an eye on the world in the game while playing poker. The program seemed stable and reliable when we tested it.

Close up of WoW Holdem.
Unfortunately you can not play poker for real gold, it’s just play money related. If you run out of poker money, simply log off and log back on to fill your account with 500 poker chips fresh.
Of course there is nothing to stop playing poker for real gold and take care of debts after the game via the built-in function to transfer gold between players in WoW. That is, if you play poker with people you trust.
Poker is a nice game
Besides putting spice on the waiting time has WoW Texas Holdem a value in its own right: it allows you to play poker! Although poker is not a typical ingredient of the most common fantasy worlds, it is a really good game, and it adds value to the fantasy world at any time.
After all, is of course playing some of the world we live in, and games have been part of most if not all ancient cultures that we know. So why could not games have a place in fantasy worlds as well – especially if they themselves are playing?
Easy to get started
WoW Texas Holdem is very easy to install. You download it for free and then you just have to unzip the files into your WoW folder. You can find detailed instructions in the readme file that comes with the download of WoW Texas Holdem.
At this writing the name of the latest version of WoW Texas Holdem Version 3.0. A good place to download it is on curse.com, safe and reliable download site with a strict attitude against malware and key loggers, etc.. The site has a strong community that makes sure that all that is thrown out the back door very quickly.
Once you have downloaded and installed the game, you start World of Warcraft, as usual, and enter / holdem on the chat line to start up a game of poker. Or, if your buddies Bewgol have a party started, type / holdem Bewgol to jump into the current game.
In our work WoW Texas Holdem really well and is very fun to play. It can definitely serve as entertainment during low-intensity periods in World of Warcraft.
But if you now want to play poker on your computer, you might as well play on a real online poker site! Play money or real money, wow power leveling cash games or tournaments, everything is there, and thousands of players waiting for you any time of day.
Then, when your adventure finally kicks off, only to leave the poker game and get down to… gambling!

By Fionee
A really cool add-on to World of Warcraft is called WoW Texas Holdem. With it you can play Texas Hold’em inside the network’s most popular fantasy game.