World wide poker is a sport that is enjoyed throughout the world and often consists of tournaments that are played both online and off. If you play internet poker, you should observe the same poker etiquette that you would observe when playing off line. A mistake in poker etiquette can get you tossed from the game, especially if you give an unfair advantage to other players at the table.

When you are playing World Wide Poker, it is possible that you will be playing with people from other countries and cultures. This is especially true if you are playing internet poker. You should first enter the game and introduce yourself, being mindful of other customs and traditions. World Wide Poker invites people from all over the world to play in tournament games such as Texas Hold em and Omaha, two huge poker tournament games.

One of the first rules of internet poker etiquette that you should observe when you are playing online or off in World Wide Poker is to bet in sequence. The betting goes around the table counter clockwise. Betting early can end up giving someone else an unfair advantage or cause someone to drop from the game. Observe this rule of poker etiquette whenever you are playing poker.

In some cases when you are playing world wide poker such as internet poker, you have a chat option. You should not use this option to make rude remarks or insult other players at the game. In the old West, that was cause for shooting. Today, it is cause to get you thrown out of the game. No matter how much another player irks you, keep your head and do not breach this etiquette.

If you go out of the game when playing internet poker, never reveal your hand to anyone. In fact, it is considered bad form to reveal your hand even after the pot has been claimed. This can be construed as cheating and can also get you banned from the game. It gives an unfair advantage to whoever you reveal your hand to who is still in the game. This is etiquette whether you are playing internet poker or off line poker. World wide poker rules are that the leader reveals his or her hand after they have been called. Then others who call them can reveal their hands. There is no reason for anyone else to reveal their hands if they have gone out of the game.

Of course gloating after winning is also considered to be bad etiquette when you are playing world wide poker. If you are playing internet poker and gloat after each hand you win, you might not get kicked out of the game, but you will raise the ire of everyone who is playing with you and they may refuse to play with you in the future.

Playing internet poker is a lot of fun, but be sure that you follow the poker rules and simple etiquette when playing world wide poker.

By vikram kumar
If you are playing internet poker , the rules for etiquette apply just as they would for off line poker . To learn more about playing world wide poker, go to World Wide Poker.