Since the ancient times, backgammon, a well known board game, has already been existing and from the very beginning, the equipment used in the game are hand crafted. Even till today, the numerous equipment employed in backgammon are professionally hand crafted by the most skilled and patient craftsmen, with years of experience. Made from the best types of wood available, wooden backgammon pieces and boards will go on a long time if properly taken care of.

Going as far back as to 3000-1788BC, various backgammon artifacts have been uncovered all over the world, from Sumeria to China and so on. Many experts presume that backgammon became a worldwide game on account of the Persians, though its true decent is still unknown. Likewise, it remains unknown as to who built and how backgammon came into presence though even in the past, the game utilized wooden backgammon boards and various materials for the pieces, such as wood, stone, bones, ceramic, metal, and other conveniently available materials.Before a set of standard backgammon rules was recognized however, each country had its own adaptation of backgammon.

The term backgammon basically came from the medieval Saxon or Welsh words “bach” or “baec” and “gammon”, which practically meant “back battle”. Fundamentally, the wooden backgammon board represents the year and the 12 points on each side stand for the 12 months. The markers symbolize the 30 days in a month and the 24 points, the 24 hours in a day. The two colors of the marker sets stand for day and night while the opposing sides of die symbolize the days of the week. In 1745, the recognized standard set of backgammon rules was produced by the British game writer, Edmond Hoyle and till now, it is still utilized in backgammon.

All wooden backgammon sets feature a game board, which are made from wood, leather, and other durable materials. Generally, a big closed backgammon board would measure approximately 19.25″x11.75″x2.5″, while an opened board would measure approximately 19.25″x23.5″x1.25″. A wooden backgammon set also involves numerous chips, 1-3/8″ in diameter, and dice, 9/16″ in size. As an aside, a great brand of backgammon chips is the Drueke backgammon chips. The sizes of the game equipment will also range, depending on the requirements of the player.

Whether for indoor application or for outdoor application, on the lawn or the patio a wooden backgammon set is always geared up for application. Constructed from wood, it can withstand a decent amount of physical abuse and it is easy to clean. Wonderful as display items, there are extravagant high quality sets, made out of woods like beech, burl, walnut, and mahogany, though needless to say, it would be best, for beginners, to employ a cheap set. Backgammon can become even more fascinating with fantasy themes, like the online 3D backgammon games.

Much like chess, one of the most enduring and most favorite board games today is backgammon. This long-lasting game has always mesmerized several kinds of folks, both young and old. Among the many variants of backgammon, the wooden backgammon set is perhaps one of the most common.

By Richie Chan
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