Bingo is a wonderful game of numbers which is easy to understand and play. Those who have played this game at traditional bingo halls can easily adapt to online bingo. The method of play is the same, but there are some differences between bingo played at halls and online bingo. There are equal number of followers of both bingo played at bingo halls and online bingo. Some people thrive on the environment which is experienced only at traditional bingo halls, so they prefer to play at these halls in the company of friends and acquaintances.

To play online bingo you need a computer and an internet connection. Players have to register with a bingo room or site to play this game. One definite advantage that online bingo has over bingo at halls is that you do not have to travel to the hall to play. You can easily play from the comfort of your home, office or even when you are travelling, if you have a laptop.

Online bingo does not have any fixed hours of play. A player can play anytime he/she wishes by just switching on the computer. One important aspect related to bingo at halls was the socializing. People gathered at these halls, made friends and exchanged news and gossip. Earlier when majority of bingo players consisted of women, gossip and chatting was an important aspect associated with this game. This made bingo halls noisy, as people loved to talk and catch up on news.

When online bingo was introduced, this chat feature was missing which made it less preferable. But bingo halls introduced chat rooms and players can now chat with others, make new friends and exchange news and important information. In fact, online bingo provides a noise free atmosphere, where you can concentrate on your game without being bothered by noise. There are special promotional offers and chat games available at online bingo rooms.

You can easily play with multiple tickets/ cards at bingo rooms, but doing the same thing at traditional bingo halls is a bit difficult. It becomes difficult to keep pace with several cards and you may end up missing an opportunity to win, even when you have the right winning combination. Online bingo rooms offer the auto-daub feature, where numbers get marked automatically and you get an alert if you win. These features have increased the popularity of online bingo rooms.

By Jai Pathak
One of the main reasons for why online bingo has become popular is due to the convenience offered to players. In addition, there is now also a wide range of bingo prizes available.