Since the Internet has largely opened its doors to online gambling, findings show that women who are visiting online casino sites is hugely increasing. This issue is probably the hottest among the many factors arising in the industry of online gambling today. Gone are the days wherein gambling was once a male dominated field, since now it is already believed that both male and female participates in this field. And in fact, statistics reveal that women lag far behind men in overall online gaming.

While men gamble with skill and serious determination to beat the house odds, women find online casinos to be more of a social network that offers an entertaining atmosphere where they can spend a few hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

For most women, they feel intimidated at the prospect of entering a land-based casino, but online gambling sites make it accessible for them to practice their gaming techniques and hone their skills in their favorite casino games. They also agreed that online casino sites are the perfect place wherein they can join in with the fun and remain anonymous.

Although packed with dissimilar intentions, men and women may encounter problems of being addicted to online games. According to GamCare, “The internet is making all the difference now. Gambling has become so accessible and so de-stigmatized that, unfortunately, it can only get worse. As more people are exposed to gambling, more people will become addicted.”

Indeed an interesting part regarding this issue is that many online casino sites today assumes that women are gambling but they play with their identities hidden and usually give themselves a strong, manly type of alter ego. They do this because they do not want male players to see that they are female and try to take advantage or intimidate them. On the other hand, most male players in online gambling sites give themselves sexy female avatars because they want to lure the other players into a false sense of security and then surprise them with their more aggressive online gambling techniques. Funny isn’t it?

There are online casino sites that strictly cater to women. But one should not think this precludes men from playing on the said site. Actually some casinos have a 70% female player base.

When it comes to female’s gambling site, the design is much more of a difference. Pastel colors and flowers seem to dominate the sites making it more women friendly. In contrast, regular sites are darker colored. These sites geared towards women can be viewed as a victory for the feminist.

The rise of online gambling is now affecting more women. Research is being done to determine addictions to gambling as they relate to gender. This issue is ever- evolving, and research is being increased in order to gain a clearer understanding.

By Claire Jacobs
Claire Jacobs writes fascinating articles and blogs related to online casino, top casino news, gaming casino software and everything you need to know about online gambling.