You’ve learnt to play poker, you’ve studied the pro’s and practised your skills but somehow your beaten all the time. Firstly maybe your just not destined to be a poker player, second if your serious about the game then you haven’t learnt from and taken on board all the info you have read. But on the light hearted side here are a few womanly tips to use.

Use at your discretion.
Only works on men

Cleavage, cleavage and more cleavage. Your fellow players are at the perfect level around a poker table for you to use your assets. You don’t need to look like a tramp but if god gave you a pair to die for, use them to your advantage. If you have bet/raised and waiting for someone to decide if to call you or not, lean forward. Just enough for him to get a better view of your cleavage.

When you leave the table, drop something. You slowly bending over to pick something up will put them off their game. But realistic with this one, leaving the table because you’ve just lost isn’t the time to be doing this.

Don’t adopt the sunglasses pose. The men need to see you flattering your eyelashes. Don’t under estimate the power of holding a man’s gaze with smouldering eyes.

Have a manicure. Men folk will notice and you need to be oozing femininity.

Smell nice. The rest of the table will be a cocktail of booze and stale body odour. You smelling nice at the table is a bonus. But don’t over do it and over powering perfume is a killer.

If your playing with your chips, do it seductively.

I don’t expect you to take any of these tips seriously but to have fun with them and remember you’re a woman poker player and have pride in it.

By Pink Poker is a site to teach women to play poker. To prove that women can play poker too.