This may very well be the shortest article on the internetIthe briefest gambling article onlineIthe most brief casino strategy article as, frankly, there actually aren’t any tipsIsystems that will ensure you win when playing on slotsIthe slots.

There are, course,Iare, inevitably, no secrets, special potions and beliefs that will make you a winner or a loser on any slots gameIslot machine. Nevertheless, there are some simple systems and traditionsIhistorical experience that will assist you as a player make the smart and wise choices that will certainly ensure you control your money when betting on any online slot machine or land based slot machine.

So, here’s some very valuable (at least, to me) advice on how you can play slot machine games that will mean you get the maximum bang for your buck.

Tip #1 – Check the game before playing.

Ensure that, even before you place a bet on an online slots game, you are sure you have checked out the coin size that particular machine is set to. Frequently, online casinos set their slots to one of the larger coin sizes. So, be sure you make this fact and change the machine to the value of coins you genuinely want to play. Otherwise, you could find out you’re betting $20 per spin instead of the $2 you intended to bet.

Forgetting to check the coin size is something I did myself when first playing slot machines online. For example, I had wanted to bet around 5 cents per line on a brand new slots game, just to get a feel for the game.

Well, long story short, I never checked what the coin value was set at when I first started playing and after 4 pulls I was down $20 instead of $2! Big difference, so look out.

Tip #2 – When you play a multi payline slot game, make sure you can always afford to bet on every line. If the slot game offers twenty paylines, then you should always bet on 20 paylines. Even if it is the minimal bet that is permitted, you should try to cover all lines that are available to play on because if you don’t, you will most definitely miss out on a lot of winning bets.

I have stories from many gamblers who couldn’t afford to bet on all the paylines and who, as a result have lost out on some huge jackpots as a result. If don’t have the money and you can’t afford to cover all paylines on the slot you are currently playing, then change machines. Play on one with fewer paylines where you can bet on every one.

Tip #3 – Most online casinos have a free play option for most of their games. This means you can test out all the slots, figure out how it works and whether or not you enjoy playing it without putting any of your real money at risk.

This is a smart move for all gambler and if it was permitted at land based casinos, a large number of gamblers would walk away from a slot machine without spending a dime once they figured out how it worked or how tight it was.

Tip #4 – You don’t need to ‘bet max’ every time on every game. Unlike what many people actually believe, this isn’t the way to win when playing the slots, it’s just a way to lose your money more quickly.

So, don’t believe that old myth that the only reason you are acutally winning is because you are betting the maximum coin value. But, if you do have the bankroll to do it, obviously, you’ll win much bigger jackpots with a bigger bet, so go for it.

As slot machines are determined by random number generators, the amount of your bet has nothing to do with the combinations that appear.

Tip #5 – This isn’t really a tip, more great advice for all gamblers. Simply have fun playing the slots, only play with money you can afford to lose and, above all, don’t anticipate winning.

Always remember that gambling is supposed to be entertaining, so don’t worry so much about tips and guaranteed to win and just enjoy yourself.

By Jimmy Haines
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