<html><h2>Blackjack Strategy</h2>

Blackjack is a very appealing game to many people who are new to gambling. It is quite simple to learn and you always have a shot at winning. In this article I will share with you a few key tips that you may not know.

Blackjack Tip #1:Don’t automatically double down on 11. Most people think you should double down on 11 everytime. If the dealer shows a face card or a 10 this is likely not the time to double your bet. Unless you are counting cards you must always assume the dealers down card is of 10 value. This will keep you out of trouble if you are considering doubling down when you have 9 and the dealer shows 10. Of course you may win those sometimes, but it’s important to gamble responsibly. You will maximize your profits by sticking to a system!

Blackjack Tip #2:Split 8’s most of the time. You always have the option of splitting two cards that are the same. This would mean split up the 8’s and take a card or 2 on each one to make a better hand. If you have 16 you probably aren’t in a good position. However if you split them you have a good chance of making two hands of 18 or more. You want to try to at least win one of the two hands to get a push or even better doubling up. Obviously as stated in tip #1 if the dealer has a 9, 10, or face card showing you may want to either surrender to cut your losses or just stand and hope for the best. The choice is yours in that situation. I personally would keep my two 8’s.

Blackjack Tip #3:If you are holding a hand with a combined value 7 through 11 you should double down if the dealer is showing a 5 or 6. You will likely jump ahead of them with your next card. Chances are they will bust since they must hit a soft 16 and in some casinos 17. Remember to expect unknown cards to be worth 10 unless you are counting them. I discuss card counting in other articles and on my site.<p/>

Blackjack Tip #4:

This tip might seem obvious, but I recommend getting yourself a strategy book, or even an ebook. There are some great ebooks on blackjack that are at your fingertips mere seconds after you purchase them. It is important just like any other form of gambling to stay educated in the game you wish to play. There are constantly new tips and winning strategies available. You just need to stay current whether you are serious about making a lot of money regularly at the casino, or you are just a casual player. $20-$40 is an investment toward making thousands. So no matter what book or strategy you choose you need to understand it thoroughly and not stray from it if you are having a bad run of cards. You will be much more successful in the long run!

So I hope that these key tips, coupled with a full strategy help you to become more successful at the tables! Enjoy!</html>

By James Tomshay
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