Will Independent Internet Bingo Sites Survive?

Bingo has a long and interesting history. Most accounts say that bingo is descended from a 15th century Italian lottery game and that the modern bingo card was invented by a US mathematician. Many believe the game was introduced into the UK by a gentleman named Eric Morley but this has been disputed. After the Second World War bingo became a sensation in the UK. The growth of bingo giants Mecca and Gala provided entertainment for three generations of bingo players in the UK. Sadly, thanks to double taxation and the national smoking ban, the land based bingo industry in the UK is faltering. Many players who formerly played in bingo clubs are now going on the internet to play bingo and in the UK the internet bingo industry has experienced astounding growth.

The internet bingo industry has benefited from the current recession and the failing land based bingo industry. UK internet bingo players have hundreds of bingo websites to choose from and the competition is keen. This competition has meant bigger jackpots, larger bingo bonuses and better and more varied promotions for players as internet bingo websites try to outdo each other in an attempt to attract new players and retain current players. Industry experts predict that the internet bingo industry will be worth $1.6 billion dollars by the end of 2010.

The rapid growth of the online bingo industry has prompted websites to offer bigger bingo bonuses and most sites now give players a generous bingo sign up bonus. Internet bingo players can now shop around for the best bingo bonuses available to players. Some sites schedule special games requiring the use of a special bingo bonus code for site members. New players can search for free bingo bonuses offered by many websites.

In the past the internet bingo world was more or less a free for all but the industry is settling and many of the smaller internet bingo operators have fallen by the wayside or have been taken over and absorbed by large gaming corporations like Party Gaming. Despite the recession, or maybe because of it, many are turning to internet bingo for fun and enjoyment. Internet bingo is inexpensive and one UK based site offers bingo cards for 1 pence. Most likely the laws of supply and demand will determine the fate of smaller internet bingo websites but times have never been better for internet bingo players around the world!

By Anthony Wayne
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