The Wii has largely focused on games that are appropriate for the whole family, but it still has a few poker games for adults. If you’re looking for a fun loving and maybe even wacky poker game, Wii poker might fit the bill.

Adult Wii Poker Games

Depending on who you talk to, the most prominent Wii poker game for adults is either World Championship Poker or World Series of Poker. Real Real poker players tend to prefer the World Series of Poker release because it offers more options and realism. Neither game, however, has the best artificial intelligence, so they are not great for learning how to play poker in real life scenarios.

Given that Nintendo focuses on family entertainment, it is not surprising that their adult poker games leave much to be desired. The graphics in world Championship Poker are fairly crude when compared to other games that were released in the same year. Similarly, neither game gives players the kind of customization that players have come to expect from online casinos. They might be fun for those who are not serious poker players, but those who have worked on their skills for several years might want to look for options elsewhere.

Wii Poker Games for the Whole Family

The Wii Battle Poker game, however, is a lot of fun. Part of the reason that it is so enjoyable is that it does not pretend to duplicate real-life poker playing. Instead, it gives up to four players the challenge of creating the best possible poker hand by using the Wii’s remote controls to smack, flip and grab cards… even from other players.

Again, this Wii poker game is not something for serious players. Anyone who expects that a Nintendo game named “Battle Poker” will mimic real life environments, playing styles and rules, however, needs to reconsider their console choice. This is a great game that is directed at people who use the Wii because they like wacky games with lots of excitement.

Buying a Wii Poker Game

There are plenty of online and retail stores that sell Wii poker games. Compare the prices and learn more about the games before you purchase them to make sure you are getting the kind of entertainment that you prefer. poker players who purchase Wii games without reading about the details might find that they are quite disappointed. At least, however, they will have a fun option for the kids.

By Claire Young
Claire Young, content member and editor at the poker guide Besides writing about poker an tournaments, she’s also into online gaming and board games.