Online Poker is now a mutli billion dollar industry. It’s hard to believe how far it has come in the last 6 years and is constantly evolving. It’s impossible to know who will be the biggest poker room in 2 years time considering when online poker first became popular, Paradise poker was leading the way in America, and Ladbrokes was the main poker site of choice for the European players. Then Party Poker took offer through an onslaught of multimedia marketing and even floated on the stock exchange. This was to prove their down fall as the unlawful internet gaming act introduced by the US government meant it was impossible for a publicly traded company to operate under these new uncertain legal ‘grey’ areas and this lead to the emergence of Poker Stars, Full Tilt and Cake Poker as the main leaders in online poker in America.

Now this did put a stop to a good number of on line poker sites, but new online poker sites took their place and there are literally hundreds of poker rooms to choose from today. But to attract and maintain a regular stream of customers to their site, they have to use marketing ploys which are proven to work. This is one of the main reasons why rakeback exists, to keep poker players playing at their site and reward their loyaly. The other reason was professional poker players did the maths and understood how much rake they were generating for the poker rooms. They wanted to get some of this rake back as a way of a reward for continuing to play on that particular site, or else they would move on to another site and poker rooms profit would be greatly affected. The Poker Rooms logically agreed as it’s a win-win situation for both parties, the poker players with rakeback accounts continue to play more on the poker sites generating more rake for the poker site and the poker players now get rewarded for the time they spend playing on the site through rakeback.

In case you have never heard of rakeback, here is a brief explanation. We all know that poker sites make their profits by taking a small percentage of every pot played which is known as rake. The poker rooms then pay between 27% to 40% of this rake back to the player. You cannot sign up directly to a poker site and expect to receive rakeback but must sign up through a rakeback provider. They use the power of their membership base to get the best rakeback deals available from the poker sites.

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