It’s easy to find an online casino with live dealer blackjack. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, so it is understandable that it was one of the games used in pioneering the latest online gambling rage. The concept of playing blackjack online is not a dry one. It is actually a very exciting way to play the world-famous game. Instead of just playing with a computer, online casinos now allow you to play with a live dealer, even as you sit back and relax at home.

Blackjack is a very exciting game, made even more so by high stakes and the suspenseful motion of the game. The beauty of a blackjack game lies in the very action of the cards being dealt one by one. The climax of the game, wherein the dealer reveals his second card, is the part that also provides the thrill. With the fully electronic versions of the blackjack game as offered by traditional online casinos, the mechanical movement of the cards does not provide any space for suspense and thrill at all. But with the live dealer feature, you will certainly be holding your breath. This is one of the best reasons why the live dealer version of blackjack is by far better than the traditional online version.

Another good thing about playing live dealer blackjack online is the early payouts that are offered by some live dealer casinos. VueTec Ltd. has come up with the early payout option for blackjack, thus making the game even more enticing for players the world over. By offering payouts at different parts of the game, players have more chances of taking home some winnings even without winning the full game. The early payout offered amount depends on the probabilities that surround the outcome of the game, based on the cards that have been revealed so far. If players feel that there is a very good chance of losing to the dealer because the dealer’s face up card potentially looks like half of a blackjack, they can simply exit the game as winners by accepting the offer of the early payouts. With the early payout option, you can easily become a winner.

One more reason why you should play at online casinos with live dealer blackjack instead of at traditional online casinos is that there is much controversy surrounding online blackjack minus the live dealer. Since these games are completely computer-generated and simulated, there is no guarantee that the results are genuine and are not programmed. There is no way to tell whether the game is not rigged, and blackjack happens to be a game that is quite easy to manipulate, since its very essence lies in the dealing of cards, which can easily be programmed. Thus, for a game like blackjack, the live dealer feature makes a world of difference.

Aside from the excitement, the early payouts, and the security of the game, playing live dealer blackjack online is also s must because of the extra bonuses and promotions that can increase the number of chances that you have of winning in different games. The bonuses and promotions can win you extra credits that you can use to play more. More games equate to more chances of winning, naturally.

If you are looking to play some blackjack, do it the live dealer way. Log on to an online casino with live dealer blackjack and play as if you are in a real casino. High stakes, guaranteed winning chances, and excitement, all rolled into one.

By Dan Roberts II
Dan enjoys playing at the new live casinos as well as online slots. You can play live online blackjack as well as find the best live casino deposit methods that match your gambling funds.