Why should a player parlay his bets and when should it be considered. If your luck is running solidly in your favor a parlay of bets should definitely be considered the play of choice. The parlay can be full parlays or more partial parlays. Let’s say you have wagered $10 on any even money bet like player in a baccarat game. If the bet wins you could consider raising the bet to $20 or $15. If it wins again you can raise to $40 or to $30 or $25. The second choice allows the player to recover the entire original bet. Some people prefer this method of play. It the bet wins again, with $80 dollars on it, the player may consider taking down half the profit, which would be $40. The bet would now stand at $120. If it wins again the player may consider going down all of the way to the original $10 and pocketing $230. This shows exactly what the power of a parlay can do. On the other hand if the following bet after each win loses, the player will slowly bleed losses. In order to win, the game must run in winning streaks or the player is successful by winning any plunge bets that are made. This is the only way that wins accumulate.

Small parlays when playing dice can reap huge profits if the numbers keep getting rolled without the seven showing its ugly dots. The dice games are a little better in the payoff as place and buy bets pay odds when won. Parlays here can grow fast and should be watched and managed carefully by taking some profit down over time.

This idea can be used on the roulette table, as well as there are many bets that pay odds. The problem is the turns and bets are single turn bets and parlays are harder to capture. The chances of say one of the numbers in the first twelve numbers showing repeatedly is not as likely as six or eight in a dice game. Therefore parlays should be cut off sooner in roulette

Pushing a rush is what winners do. Pushing a losing streak is what losers do.
For some reason people who are on a lucky streak are reluctant to push their luck. It does not make any sense not to push a streak. It makes even less sense to push a losing streak.

By Fawzia Awwad
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