Why I love playing bingo
Bingo used to be associated with the elderly, but not anymore. With the game really taking off in recent months, it has risen in popularity. This has been demonstrated by top celebrities like Katie Price and Kym Marsh promoting the best online bingo sites. Even the super famous Sharon Osbourne promotes Gala Bingo.
Bingo is a great way of socialising with your friends and family. It is a great laugh and doesn’t cost much money and the chances for winning are far greater than if you played the lottery!
I love bingo because it is easy to play, the sites are all user friendly and it is a great way to pass a lunch hour at work. There are always special offers on all of the best sites and they often give free cash to give the game a go. I won £26 on my first bingo game and it didn’t cost me a penny!!!
If you don’t fancy a night out with your friends – if the smoking bad will affect where you play, online bingo is the answer. You can chat away to so many different people while you play and the pressure is off as you don’t need to concentrate on searching for the numbers on your bingo card, which gives you much more time for chatting to new friends!!
I like nothing more that after a long day at work to relax with my favourite drink, have a good conversation and play a few games of bingo – and if I win that’s an even better bonus!!
Bingo tips
The aim of the game in bingo is to fill in a pattern on your bingo cards.
The player to do this first is the winner. In online bingo it is much easier to play with more than one card as the computer auto-dabs for you. This means that you can play with up to 60 bingo cards at one time and increase your chances of winning.
If you choose a bingo room with less people, you increase your chances of winning. However unless there is a fixed jackpot, the winnings can go down – but you still win!!
When you play online bingo, you are not only playing a game where you have good chances of winning, but you are also entering a great community environment. This means that whilst you are hopefully raking in the cash you are also making some great bingo buddies! The chat features are something to look out for when choosing which bingo site to play on.

It is also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the bingo calls – this is particularly helpful when playing in a live bingo hall. You don’t want to get stuck when they call out “One little Duck”!!
Bingo History
Long ago when bingo was first created it was a mans game. Today it is far more popular with women.
Bingo originated in Italy as far back as 1520. Back then it was known as lotto. The name Bingo came from a form of bingo that was played in America in the early twentieth century, Beano. It was referred to as Beano then, for the simple reason that beans were used to cover the numbers on the bingo card.
Due to the numbers used in playing bingo, Germany used to use the game as a way of teaching children arithmetic!
In the early days, bingo was traditionally played in church halls, at village fairs, school halls and other smaller venues. Then as the games popularity rose so did the size of the venue and before long the games were being held in larger venues like cinemas. Now there are enormous halls specifically for big bingo sites. You have probably seen the huge gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo venues across the country.
With the current explosion of online bingo, the game has massively increased in popularity. With the typical player changing from the older lady to people from 18-100 all loving the game as much as the next person!

By bronco
Richard Young like bingo and works for Bingo Alerts