Blackjack bonus is a growing phenomenon to attract casino players and bonus hunters towards addicting them to this game. Blackjack is among the highest played games in casinos with a large number of players across the world. Thus, competition is also becoming tougher among such online casino websites with each trying to lure in new players every day. But these bonuses can be deceptive and there are certain things you need to ask yourself before making use of them. Nowadays all the casinos offer huge sign up bonuses and various other perks when you decide to play but one may ask why casinos offer such huge bonuses and how do they profit even after shelling out so much money. Some of the reasons are:
* One of the main reasons why casinos offer such offers is to increase the potential number of players playing blackjack. This is probably the best way to promote a game. Larger audience means higher profits for casino.
* With the culture of online blackjack tournaments getting popular, more and more casino owners are trying to prove their supremacy over others. Big bonuses are a sure shot way of proving your supremacy and it helps casinos leave a long lasting impression onto their customers.
* Huge amount of bonuses given to blackjack players ensures that the casino owners value their players. Blackjack bonus is also considered by some as a token of appreciation shown by the casinos towards their loyal players.
* Finally everybody likes free money to spend. It is a general trend that when you give your customers some offers they tend to spend more. Free blackjack bonus means the players will be spending their own money in order to cash out that bonus. It encourages the player to keep on gambling even when he is down and out.

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