If there is one game that puts the brain into an exercise, it has got to be Poker. Nothing jogs the gray matter better than a card game that requires deft skill and slick style. While some variations of the game relies more on luck and good fortune, poker remains to be a thinking game. Only the most brilliant – or imaginative – minds can truly triumph and claim the title “master of the game”.

While many players have won a game or two on the table, they are no match for the following individuals, who have declared victory almost every time the cards were dealt in front of them. With their many winnings and rich experience that only gets better each day; they have rightfully earned the right to be proclaimed as some of the world’s best poker players.

Phil Hellmuth – Phil proves that one need not be old in order to become a seasoned player. He bagged the top prize at the Time World Series of Poker (WSOP) Championship at the age of 24, making him the youngest player to ever become a World Champion. Phil has a record of nine gold bracelets (comparable to a gold medal) to his name, on top of the big cash winnings that he took home. To date, he is a best-selling author of poker-themed books such as Playing like the Pros, Bad Beats and Lucky Draws. He is also one of the featured writers of Card Player Magazine, a testimonial to his expertise of the game.

Daniel Negreanu – Kid Poker may be his name on the playing tables but he definitely plays like a pro. He has already tucked more than 35 victories under his belt which is why it comes as no surprise that he was hailed as the 2004 World Series of Poker (WSOP) and Card Player Magazine Player of the Year. And as if the laurels were not enough, Daniel also bagged the 2004 Player of the Year Runner Up title. Because of his obvious passion and proficiency of the game, Daniel now reaches out to a wider audience as a writer for the Canadian Saturday Night Magazine and a spot on ESPN News.

Antonio Esfandiari – Antonio surely lives up to his moniker – “The Magician”. A magician by profession, it is no wonder that Antonio became famous for his captivating dance moves and magic tricks on the playing table. Aside from bagging the first place at the LA Poker Classic No Limit Hold’ Em Championship, he made three WPT Final Table appearances. One of the bad boys of poker, Antonio’s showcase of talent was featured in one of the DVD’s of the Going All in Poker DVD set.

Gus Hansen – Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Gus, nicknamed “The Great Dane”, is a very lethal opponent to have. He showcases a very aggressive playing style that has won him three World Poker Tour events and a spot in the Inaugural WPT Walk of Fame. His victories come as no wonder, though, as Gus is also a champion Backgammon player. Like Antonio, Gus’ expert moves and plays was featured in the Going All in DVD collection.

By Adel Awwad
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