There are thousands of slots machines available, all brightly lit up like Christmas trees flashing away as you decide whether to try another $10 to crack the jackpot. Most players tend to go with a slot machine that they are familiar with and, probably more important, actually enjoy playing.

We have had a look at hundreds of online casinos during our time and found that whilst there are many to choose from, there is probably only a handful that are suitable to all and any user. One tends to choose the slot machines that offer the better features rather than the biggest jackpot. Users just do not want to sit at home constantly pressing the left hand mouse button whilst you eyes adapt to spinning wheels over a period of a few hours. It becomes boring, tedious and you decide after a few hours that it’s just not worth the time.

The better slot machines tend to get you more interested because they offer mini games within the game, so after a few presses of the mouse button you will be lucky enough to be switched to a new game within the slot machine, which, rather uniquely gives you a chance of winning more money but gives you a different graphical background and something else to do.

In most cases you will still be required to press the mouse button but for a different reason, this time you are not just trying to get 5 gold bars in a row but are trying to get up a ladder without hitting a snake and it is these types of online slots that keep players occupied.

We have recently reviewed All Slots Casino which is probably the best there currently is at the moment. As well as providing some wonderful in-game features they do the necessary to provide very good bonuses and currently have a $1Million jackpot game which can be won with just one or two clicks of a button, of course that would be very lucky and yes, you would never have to work again, but it does make you think why one should play slots where it is just the same old mundane thing spin after spin, whereas you could look further into an online casino list and go for some of the best online slots available, which may or may not make you lucky, but will at the very least provide an element of fun into your precious gambling time.

By Ben Carso
Online casino reviews