Do you sometimes wish you could continue gambling for just a few more minutes? Do you stop when you’ve had enough of a good time or because your money has run out? Here are some budget-stretching ideas.You can use four basic methods to make your casino money last longer. The first speaks for itself – bet low! Find games where it’s cheap to play, or at least no more than a small portion of your budget. If you come with a few hundred dollars, go for the nickel or penny slot games. If your balance is a few thousand dollars, play Blackjack for a dollar or two per hand.

If you stick to the inexpensive games, even the worst player should be happy to call it quits before the funds run out. Objective achieved!

Our second suggestion for saying goodbye to the casino when you’re tired but not broke is to bet intelligently in a game where the odds are favorable or at least reasonable. Here we’d recommend Baccarat if you’re willing to bet on Player or, preferably, Banker – and you’ll discipline yourself never to put a wager on a tie. You can also linger a while at Craps as long as you wager only on Pass/Don’t Pass and meticulously go for the Odds bets. Another good alternative is the slots games where payout ratios are high; if they’re above 98 percent, give it a go. Never automatically assume that the payouts are this good – check first!

Even when adopting the strategy based on encouraging odds and placing only smart wagers, it’s advisable to come in with a worthwhile balance. In general, your minimum bankroll should be between 50 and 100 times as much as the cost of a single bet. If your pockets are not that full, our first method is better suited to you.

The third technique that should keep you going for some length of time is to play a game where things happen slowly, not because of a bad Internet connection but to make your money last longer.

Find a leisurely game. This may not be easy since casino games are generally designed for quicker action to generate higher revenue flows. A prime contender for the crawler award is Keno, where you can control the pace of the game. Or join a multi-player game of poker where the ante is low and chatter among the players flows faster than the wagers. As for Pai Gow, it’s confusing enough to slow things right down while everyone tries to suss out how to play the game.

Our fourth suggestion is the most difficult – take part in a game of skill where you’re something of an expert. Blackjack and Poker immediately spring to mind. Blackjack has been popular for ages because the Basic Strategy will see you through numerous hands without botching things up for yourself. Don’t make impulse decisions, don’t let hunches influence you and ignore the comments of other players. Treat the Basic Strategy with the reverence you’d give to an ancient tome of wisdom. Play nothing but Basic. Stretch your money even further by holding the table bets as low as you can endure without becoming bored.

Poker has never been a “sure thing” but it is a bankroll-expander for the skilled player. Know there’s a better player than you out there somewhere. Do your best to avoid this competitor. Rather try to join a bunch of novices and quietly drain their money from them while you gently show them the ropes. When you’ve cleaned them out they’ll still think you’re a nice person because you improved their skills. You’ll love them for giving you their money.

By Ryan D.
Ryan D. has been involved in the online
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