What if I call betting on sporting events as sports investing? I can see that it may come as a shocker for many. For the majority of people out there, it’s a pure gamble – you may win or lose as a matter of chance. Let me throw some light on this matter.

Let’s say you have started your own business and are considering a heavy capital outlay upfront. However, you have not really considered the level of competition or analyzed the markets or decided upon the most viable product or location. You just went ahead and invested your hard earned money only to see it disappearing down the drain. What would you call it? Is it an investment or a gamble?

Again, suppose you have started trading in stocks. Now, I don’t need to educate you about the volatility in the stock market. However, you have deeply studied the stocks you are investing in, considered the risk involved, analyzed their business model and finally you decide to loosen your purse strings. What would you call it? Is it a gamble or an investment?

I say, you are gambling when you have not considered the risk involved, have not studied the market situation and just go ahead and lose your money in a heady moment of primitive instinct. On the contrary, if you have done your homework, I would call it investment, because you know your risk appetite.

Applying the same principle, in the sporting arena, if a bettor studies the underlying factors of his favored team and puts his money on the basis of hard statistical data instead of gut feeling, it is sports investing and not gambling. However, the sad fact is that most of the people are just gambling, not investing.

If you want your betting venture to be successful in the long run and make you money rather than burn a hole in your wallet, you need to consider sports investing and not gambling. A disciplined, well researched and rational wager is the one that makes you money and not the one that is left to chance. Anyone can win in the short term but it can only be attributed to fluke and not to a well designed investment system.

Wherever you see consistent winning in the long term, you will definitely find a reliable sports investing plan behind it. So, then, let me ask you again, what do you want it to be – sports investing or gambling?

By Jon Nestorovic
Jon is a professional sports investor. He uses his own sports betting system; this has allowed him to leave his 9-5 job and have a free lifestyle. To learn more about how you too can make money from sports investing, visit.Sports Betting System