Every individual once in his life time has played the game of bingo in a way or the other. The popularity of the bingo games lead to the ‘Bingo Culture’ with a vocabulary of its own. Certain phrases and terms were used and understood only amongst the bingo players, also leading to personalizing of the game. The bingo culture grew popular with various contests like ‘the caller of the year’, that is held even today in Britain.

Though the earliest popular bingo games were played as fillers in the cinema halls, there soon emerged special hall for the game of bingo alone. The 1980’s saw an increase in the number of bingo halls built across the land. The first ever special bingo hall was built in Canton in Cardiff. Now, these places have become great socializing spots where the people meet up with old friends over exotic food and drink.

The simplicity of the game and its humble origins have made the game popular as it is today breaking all social and fashion barriers. The game is enjoyed by a housewife or a bank clerk and also by celebrities like Elle MacPherson and Mariah Carey. Now that the game of bingo has become online, it has emerged as a multi-million pound business in Britain alone! Though the online bingo games have become hugely sophisticated, the main roots of the original bingo game remains the same.

One of the most popular modern features of the online bingo games is the ‘Chat Room’. The various chat rooms at the online bingo sites manage to sustain the social aspect of the original bingo games. The ‘Chat Host’ keeps the ball rolling and conversations interesting at the chat rooms. You also get to make new friends and share your views at the chat rooms. The chat rooms have new contests and competitions that are designed to keep the interest of the players. If you come across any queries you can go ahead and take the help of the chat hosts.

Though the US is credited to initiate the popularity of the bingo market, however it is the UK that ha the largest bingo fan base. The bingo regulars enjoy the bingo games both online and offline, though the online bingo games are more appealing for the younger generations. Presently, there are over 90% of bingo players who enjoy playing the game online. The online bingo sites offer both the traditional versions of the game, i.e the 90 ball bingo game and the 75 ball bingo game. Other games like Slots and Roulette act as the perfect icing on the cake.

Over all the raging popularity of the online bingo games lies on the fact that it provide to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for entertainment, where money, thrills and the good old bingo make the experience so enjoyable.

By john smith
John smith has been an expert writer for UK bingo sites. He is a writer and a bingo expert who is providing the first-hand bingo information and feedback. He talks about the best bingo sites. The reviews from a player’s point, allowing you a clear picture about what sites to play bingo and have fun.