A lot of people know the game blackjack but are totally unaware of what the name actually represents or if it has any relevance to the game at all. In this short article, I’m going to go over what the ‘Blackjack’ in the name of the game represents and means.

As you might already know in the game, the objective of Blackjack is to achieve a total of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without actually going over it, while still maintaining a higher total than that of the dealer. To achieve a total of 21 you can use as many cards as you like, however ideally you want to do it by using as few cards as possible.

The best way to achieve 21 is with what’s called a two-card 21, meaning you would have an ace as well as another card with the total of 10; a king, queen, jack or 10 card. If you do this, you have achieved a ‘Blackjack’, the best possible hand in the game.

Not only does this result in an automatic win of that hand for you (unless of course the dealer has a Blackjack as well which would mean it is a ‘push’, or draw), but you also get a higher amount paid out to you upon winning, usually at 3:2 odds.

The name itself actually comes from when the game was introduced into the United States from Europe and because of its unpopularity, dealers and casinos tried all sorts of tactics to get player to the tables. One such tactic was offering a 10:1 payout if the player ended up holding an ace of spades as well as a black jack (either spades or clubs), and this is where the name ‘Blackjack’ actually came from.

So, no more confusion. Now you know exactly what blackjack means and you also have a little bit of gambling trivia to wow your friends with next time you take a trip to the casino together!

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By David Morris