In this article we will be discussing what the top gambling games are and how you can get the most out of them.

When you look at a question like, ‘What are the top gambling games?’ then you see that you can’t answer that for everyone. I mean what defines one of the top gambling games? Some would look for the most fun, some would look for the best chance of winning, some would look for the most active games, others like the seclusion of the slots. So these choices are a mixture of all of those rolled into one. Without further ado, here are my two nominations for the top gambling games of all time:

Poker (in particular Texas Hold’em poker)
This game has seen a boom in recent years and it really has firmly cemented itself as one of the top gambling games. What other game can you actually play against other players and their skill rather than just the house odds? Poker is a game of skill, excitement and daring, in my mind nothing comes close to this.

You knew I was going to say this didn’t you? Yes Blackjack has to appear on my list of top gambling games purely because of the quick fire nature of the way it is played. It is exciting to have hands turn over so fast and also exciting to be going head-to-head with the dealer. Of course another reason this is one of the top gambling games is because you can actually increase your chances of winning through counting the cards that have come out (so you know what is left and what is likely to come out) of course you can expect to be escorted out of the casino if you start to win too much….

So I did say I was going to help you get the most out of the top gambling games, well here is the solution, read everything you can on the them and practice, practice, practice! You can’t learn everything from a book and you can’t get the cutting edge strategies just from trial and error (not when you a beginner). So if you combine the two you will be a master of these games in no time!

Out of the two then poker is my favourite by far, if you have not tried it then I suggest you either hop online to have a go, or try and find somewhere near you that does live events. One warning though, once you’ve been bitten by the poker bug there is no stopping you!

In conclusion then the top gambling games in my opinion are Poker and Blackjack as they incorporate fun, excitement and a fair chance of winning too.

By Steve Carter
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