Do you need to learn how to play poker now? Are looking for a real Texas Hold Em guide that reveals all the information you need, guaranteed? Well read this article now.

So you’ve seen the movies, watched the shows and tried the online versions of Texas Hold Em but still don’t get how it’s played? Don’t worry, this Poker Texas Hold Em guide is going to outline all the rules for this game is so easy, by the time you read this you will be playing like a pro – almost – of course, practice makes perfect.

Poker Texas Hold Em Guide – Overview Of The Rules

This game is played with a regular 52 deck of cards. This can be just a small game for two people or an entire table of eleven. Whether you are playing head to head (just you and one more player) or with a group, it is always best to identify the dealer first as a strategic course of action.

Texas Holdem begins with two players posting the blinds. A blind is a bet that is made prior to seeing the hole cards. The player to the dealer’s left posts the small blind while the person to his left posts the big blind. It is always strategic to know where the dealer is the first time around to ensure that you are not one of the people that need to post the blinds.

Poker Texas Hold Em Guide – The Dealing Begins

When this is done, players are dealt two facedown cards. This is called hole, pocket or individual cards. The objective to Texas Holdem is to potentially use these cards along with the community cards to form poker hand combinations.

After the hole cards are given, the first round of betting occurs. This is followed by a burn card that is discarded from the top of the deck. This practice is done to prevent cheating. Immediately following the burn card is the three community cards called the flops.

The process pretty much repeats after the flops are dealt. It’s just two more series of betting round -burn card – community card. The only difference is that the flops must always come in threes while the next community cards are dealt one by one. The fourth card is called the turn while the fifth is called the river.

When all this is done, players compare cards and declare the winner among themselves.

This Poker Texas Hold Em guide has given you a brief overview of how the game is played and the main constituents of the game. Please continue on now to learn more.

By Alex Poker
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