It is not the primary purpose of the casinos to offer the slot machines. These were introduced for the first time with the basic purpose of entertaining the girlfriends and wives of the husbands who happened to be the owners of the casinos. These were intended to provide the sufficient time to the husbands.

They could spend the required time with their businesses. But as the time passed, it changed its position from just a time pass to one of the most profitable casino business. It is said that around two third of the whole profit of the casinos come from the slot machines. The game has been played with lots of enthusiasm. Men and women like it alike. They spend a large portion of their casino time on this. They have no hesitation and it is very healthy as well. It reduces the stress of the player. Besides, you will enjoy the privacy of your own.

There are two classifications of casino slots, progressive slots and straight slots. There are some basic differences among the straight slots and the progressive slots. In the straight slots, the rules are simple. The jackpot payouts are given according to the machine payout schedules. If you are playing on a straight slot then you will win 200 coins by just winning jackpots in one quarter. If you are betting in two quarters then you will get total coins of 600 and the jackpot will amount to a total of 2000 coins.

On the other hand, the progressive slots are more complicated. They have their jackpots tied to the bank of the machines. The data is displayed on the digital board. These boards are then connected to the progressive groups. The jackpot increases each day as the play on each of the machine increases. There are other benefits as well. There can be practically no limit of the payouts. Each of these payouts can reach from several thousands to millions of money.

There are many other games available in the casino as well. These include the 3 reel machines, 4 reel machines and the most famous 5 reel machines. The games of a casino are always having the chance of odds against the favors. You will win if the favors increase. You will lose if the odds are against you. The games become very viewable when the odds and favors hang in balance.

By Franchis Adam
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