In an industry of rapid expansion, and with it, intense competition, the need for operators to provide their customers with choice has never been so apparent. The online casino market has become a highly charged playing field where new and established brands compete to establish a unique provision of services. Increasingly, this task has become more difficult due to the number of Internet casino operators crowding the market, and the receding number of options to deliver unique formats. Evidence of this can be seen across the industry where many operators offer slightly differing variations of tried and tested gaming formats such as Internet Roulette, blackjack and slots amongst others. Yet, in offering today’s consumers the variety they seek, simply reinventing the wheel doesn’t go far enough.
Cantor Casino has devoted its efforts into developing a vast games portfolio that offers real choice for customers across a variety of innovative and well mapped platforms. A fine example of this is its newly released Advanced Betting Games section which houses unique titles such as Financial Odds, Second Chance Baccarat and Statjack TM, alongside the release of other titles Cantor Poker and Racetrack Roulette. The Financial Odds release is a prime example of an operator understanding both the needs and profile of its customer base as well as the constantly shifting trends in the industry. The product allows fixed odds betting on a variety of financial markets such as the FTSE 100 Index, US 30 Index as well as FX and a selection of commodity markets. Bettors can wager on the fluctuation of the market every 5 minutes through Cantor’s Flash betting application, providing the type of USP needed to raise the product above the ordinary.
In essence, what this application tells us is that the profile of the Internet casino customer is constantly evolving, and to meet this new level of demand, online casino operators must also evolve accordingly. Cantor Casino has a distinct advantage in this regard, as its raft of Internet casino games will testify. The new releases have taken the number of products in its portfolio to 38, all of which offer something unique to the consumer.
Blackjack is one of the most popular games of choice for both terrestrial and online casino goers and to this end, Cantor Casino has developed a tailored blackjack section comprising 8 different game variations to suit a cross section of consumers. The section currently includes Asian Blackjack, Double Exposure 21, Fantastic Fun 21, Multi-hand Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack, Ties Win Blackjack and the recently released Statjack TM, which has been enhanced with onscreen tools to assist card counting.
The casino also has 7 variations of poker, 3 Internet Roulette variants (including new release Racetrack Roulette), 14 different slots games as well as products for Keno, Craps and Baccarat. These are products for customers of all persuasions and are essential components in maintaining and developing a successful Internet casino operation.
The modern day online casino is a very different enterprise to that which started life back at the dawn of the industry; it is a much more considered operation that needs an immeasurable amount of flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing needs and moods of the consumer and the industry. This is where variety plays a key role, not only in staying ahead of the game, but also in driving the evolution of the Internet gaming space.
Cantor Casino’s large portfolio of games and the variety of choice within it, is a fine blueprint for such evolution; ensuring that its customers are always playing unique and innovative gaming products tailored towards them.
Where there is variety, there is choice, and in today’s market, operators need to make sure that they understand what choices their consumers want to make.

By John Adam
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