When sat at ones PC looking for casinos that accept players from the United States one very quickly discovers that there are plenty of them that are still accepting you as players and are able to provide decent depositing and withdrawal methods that are not in anyway affected by the UIGEA.

Whilst many US states do and have made gambling online illegal at the current time of going to press there does remain a huge group of players that remain frustrated, and quite rightly so, at the State laws that disallows them from playing at online casinos. Poker, which for a strange reason is considered a skill game, is legal to play anywhere in the united States but certain banks are authorised to hold monies related to online gambling.

With that all being said and done there is enough scope for certain software developers to be able to provide services for US players with rival casino still being one of the top providers to those living in the United States. One would think that with just a few developers that players would be restricted to how many games they can play online, but fortunately that is not the case with literally thousands of slots, roulette, blackjack and baccarat tables available at most, if not all online casinos.

The largest fan base remains to be those that enjoy playing Casino Slot Games of which their seems to be an unlimited amount, meaning there is much more choice that what was originally first thought. The fact that software developers continue to manufacture so many online slots shows that they do believe the UIGEA will at some point be lifted to allow US players the chance to make their own minds up rather than being pushed into a corner with poker as the only option to would be gamblers.

The ride may be long and at times, possibly tough, but the future for US players does look to be on the brighter side of things with many just waiting round the corner for what will be a remarkable decision and one that will place their economy in a much steadier stance.

By Ben Carso
Online casinos