After you have had enough of free cash bonuses, freerolls, and poker freebies it is time to move on to games where real poker money is involved. This is a most appropriate way to make good use of the free monies that you have been winning all along. As you get into the cash games, as the real poker games are known, it would be wise if you could start at the lowest poker stakes possible. Ensure that the limits are low so as to secure yourself from being cleaned out too much.

Most poker rooms over the Internet will offer immediate poker bonuses or free online poker monies. It has been noted that majority of the players who use gain from these free sums waste their cash almost instantaneously since they tend to play at higher levels and bigger poker stakes where they are definitely not well equipped. Bankroll management is a crucial ingredient of real poker money games and should not be overlooked by all means. This is a most vital thing for all prospective poker professionals to keep in mind.

The truth about the poker game (more so where the poker stakes are high) is that lots of skill and some bit of luck are needed. This is a polite way of saying that even the biggest names in the game do not win daily – there are days when you will lose.

In the real poker money game it is definitely mandatory that your bankroll should be large enough to buffer you when the going starts becoming awry. When the table is full i.e. when there are more than six players, the default recommendation is that your personal bankroll should be 300 times as much as the big blind. In case the table you are at has six players or less, your bankroll should definitely be higher. Astute bankroll management is a sure sign that you are quite knowledgeable in real poker money games and the poker stakes involved.

Inasmuch as prudent bankroll management is important for the poker game, one must be forearmed with the required basic poker skills before venturing into the real poker money games. You should have practiced at the play money tables (for the benefit of lower poker stakes) to be adequately exposed to the rules of the game and the many eventualities that arise. With time you will be able to gauge your acquired poker skills and the level of your game hence being able to make a more informed decision of whether to get into the real poker money game. When you finally start, an initial bankroll of $10 is quite okay. Limits of $0.01/0.02 will be most advisable as you bring lay entire buy-in on the table.

There is a need to exercise lots of patience even when the poker stakes involve a few dollars. Resist making the all-in move especially when you are not sure that the odds are not in your favor. This way you won’t have to lose a proportionate percentage of your bankroll. Such are the intrigues of learning the real poker money game.

By vikram kumar
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