If you need some fun in between playing casino games that require the lot of concentration then online keno is the game you will enjoy playing. Online keno is quite simple and fun to play. You can also make some great profits while having fun as the game pays handsomely.

While keno is fairly new to the casino patterns, the game is actually centuries old. Keno is an ancient game that was developed in China about 2,000 year ago. The game was introduced to the west by Chinese settlers in the beginning of 20th century and the new modern version was created. However, keno is a French word and was named so after the game was adopted by the country and modern version was created.

The game is quite easy to understand and shares the same game-play to the more famous bingo. Cards similar to bingo cards are used in the game. In keno, there are total 80 numbers. The numbers are laid out in eight rows with each row comprising of ten numbers. The player then selects up to 20 numbers and marks the selected numbers on the keno card and gets the tickets from the booth.

After all the bets are called in, 20 numbers are drawn. Winners are then awarded their prizes. Pay outs are different for different casinos, so it is advised to go through the tables before buying your tickets.

Apart from jackpot play, you select other combinations when playing online keno. The player can go for additional plays on the keno card. Every play has its own independent payout and is not related to the jackpot, which make taking additional plays a very good strategy.

One of the good plays that you can go for is “2/3 1/6” combination. The play involves marking up your initial numbers on the card and then encircling two groups with three numbers each as additional play. After that you bet three dollars divided to the groups with three numbers. This combination increases chances of getting a payout.

Another play that you can make in order to enhance your winning chances in online keno is the combination of king with all the selected numbers. You can use this combination of king with any or all the numbers you have selected earlier. This immensely increases the chances of getting multiple hits and win number of prizes.

Most of the casinos provide a large amount of progressive jackpot money to keno players. Such progressive jackpots can really provide handsome money and in some cases up to 100% in returns. The different combinations and the chances of winning great prizes make online keno quite an engaging game.

You need to search for the casinos for playing online keno as not every online casino offers this game. So it is advised to go through the menu of the games offered by the casinos in order to find out if they provide keno before joining the one. Furthermore, it is always better to play at reputable casinos that have a fair game policy.

By Gen Wright
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