Slot machines are one of the more popular draws at casinos. People from all walks of life seemed to enjoy the thrill and excitement of the slot machine. There are many different variations that can be found for slot machines.

One type of slot machine incorporates skill into play. This is different than once people traditionally bingo when they think of a slot machine. Usually players see slots is more of a game of chance that these types of slot machines let players have some control has two when the wheels stopped turning. While these head of slots don’t automatically stop for a player wants them to, it does allow the player to slow the speed of the wheel down in a specific part so that it made land on the desired location.

Another type of slot machine is a video slot machine. These slot machines have incorporated modern gaming technology into the popular casino game. While this type of slot machine is not new as it has been in existence for almost 25 years, they have become so popular that they are the type of slot machine found in most casinos. Adding the video component to the slot machine has increased the number of lines that a player can bet. This type of slot machine features a random number generator that is fairly reliable and ensures a fair game for both the player and casino.

A third type of slot machine is the traditional reel slot machine. This kind has also been referred to as of one arm bandits. The arm is in reference to the mechanism that players would pull in order to start the game. This type of slot machine can have either three or five reels. Unlike the video slot machine, reel slot machines do not depend upon a random number generator. Instead reel slot machines feature a mechanical system that is activated when the player pulls down the arm of the slot machine. People are tried to say that this type of slot machine is easy to rig but that this is far from actuality.

By Jason Dean
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