If you had to describe the game of Backgammon in as little as three words, the best fits would be the words chance, risk, and strategy. It takes a little of all three to be able to harness your abilities into consistent wins. Backgammon took off in the Twentieth Century during the mid-sixties, but its origins are even older, one might even say ancient, as 5,000 years have passed since a form of the game we now play showed up in ancient Persia. Backgammon has since outlasted every fad that the history of gaming has had to offer, and has emerged into the Twenty First Century with a strong reputation and following. It is able to do so because of how it has adapted with the times.

Most recently, online Backgammon has introduced the game to a new audience of enthusiasts as well as bored day-job workers in the mood for something to keep their minds active between mind-numbing and monotonous tasks that simply have to get done. It is also simply played for fun (or money, which can be fun). Many reputable sites now offer online Backgammon for those with an itch to play. Whether you want to take on another human being or artificial intelligence, all you really need is a computer. If you really want to have fun playing online Backgammon, search out sites that possess unique features, which can add to the flare of the game. Ratings, biographies, photos, tournaments, are just a few of the joys you can find in the online Backgammon world along with a new trove of friends who share your passion and enthusiasm for the game.

All you need is a high-speed Internet connection, and you will be honing your skills, beating the competition, and winning money in no time. But beware these pitfalls, as there is always someone who wants to crash the party:

1. Disconnected: Some players, to avoid losing at the agreed upon stakes, will crash their Internet connection before a game can be completed when their defeat is imminent. If you notice this happening a lot, then you should contact the site administrator immediately. This person does not want their rating affected, and they don’t want to sacrifice the stakes they had previously committed to. They went into the game with no intention of losing, even if it meant all they could do to stop it was pull the plug on your game. It is a very frustrating and common problem of online Backgammon.

2. Backgammon Bots: Other cheaters will use Backgammon programs, or bots, to seal their victories. Essentially, they can beat you without any skill of their own whatsoever. All they have to do is let the advanced A.I. take over and hope that you are not savvy enough to notice. These are hard to catch, so pay close attention to response times. (Bots tend to move slow at a consistent pace.)

Keep these things in mind, but do not let them ruin your experience. Playing online Backgammon is a fun way to escape the problems of each day, and it can be very rewarding.

By Gen Wright
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