If you have ever played Blackjack on line you will have found that the numerous different Blackjack variations is virtually countless, they’re just dozens of different versions of this vintage casino card game, but 2 you might not have seen or played out before are
Spanish Blackjack and Atlantic City Blackjack.

Listed below is an overview of each game, as well as helpful information and playing tips on both blackjack games, if you uncover either of these the next time you play you’ll then possess the understanding available to play each Blackjack game to the best strategy and be fully aware of how the game plays, pays and operates.

We would suggest that you give either game an attempt in free play mode before you play for real as by doing this you will get to grips with the game and find out whether it’s one you do really wish to play for real.

Spanish Blackjack
First of all you will see when ever you play Spanish Blackjack is that no 10 cards will ever be dealt out to you or the Dealer, the reason behind this is straightforward and this is that they’ve been removed from the shoes and will therefore never be placed into play.

So basically each deck only has forty-eight cards in it instead of the standard fifty two cards. The removal of these four Ten cards enables some special bonus payouts to be given to the player for being dealt particular hands.

Furthermore whenever you, the player is dealt out a Blackjack hand as well as the Dealer also has a Blackjack hand then your Blackjack will likely be regarded as the winner and not the Dealers!

If you play Spanish Blackjack you can only ever split your hand once so you only will be playing with a maximum of two hands not like some other Blackjack variants which may let you split multiple times Spanish Blackjack will only ever let you split the once.

Should the cards you split each be Aces you’ll then double down furthermore if your split cards are picture cards (not always matching picture cards) you might also split these cards as well.

With the game of Spanish Blackjack the Dealer has always got to split his hand if it is a soft seventeen, Spanish Blackjack is also a hole card game which basically means if the dealer is showing either an Ace or a Picture card he then will check out whether she has a Blackjack or not, this can be also called peaking for a Blackjack.

In the event you manage to get particular winning hand combos then special pay outs are given, for example if you manage to get dealt a hand with 5 cards in it which has a total of 21 or below then this pay out is 3 to 2, also if your hand has a 6, 7 and 8 in it then you additionally receive a winning pay out of 3 to 2.

Should your hand include any three 7’s (not the same suit) then you once again receive a winning payout based upon your stake amount of 3 to 2.

pay outs of 3 to 1 for certain different hands can also be payable, and a seven card (or higher) hand worth a total of 21 in total may get you this winning payout as also does a 6, 7 and eight of spades.

If you ever manage to obtain the rare hand of 3 x 7’s every one of the same suit you then will receive a pay out based on your stake amount of 50 to 1 however to get this the Dealer also has to be displaying a 7 as his or her up card.

The house edge of Spanish Blackjack played with 8 decks together with the earlier principles, and one which also allows you to surrender your hand is 0.38%

Atlantic City Blackjack
Another relatively well-liked online Blackjack game is Atlantic City Blackjack, this game is played around the normal game play rules related to the game as present in the gambling Mecca of the same name.

This Blackjack game attracts a lot of gamers due to its fairly liberal game play guidelines. The game itself utilizes 8 decks of playing cards and as is standard practice in the online gambling world these decks always get completely shuffled prior to a whole new hand is dealt out, this make card counting not possible when playing Atlantic City Blackjack on line.

The Blackjack game play rules enable participants split their hand as much as 3 x, so essentially you might finish up playing a total of four separate hands in every game. Splitting Aces however will mean that just one further card is dealt out to each split Ace, and should any of the split Aces be dealt a ten or ten valued card to them then this is just a 21 hand and not a 3 to 2 Blackjack paying hand.

All card which have the same value which contain picture cards and tens could be split. The rules also allow for you to double down your hand whatever these card are, plus it is possible to double down although you may have split any two cards.

The Dealer must always stand when she has been dealt any 17 valued hand and he’ll always take a quick peak to determine if he’s a Blackjack hand whenever he’s showing either an Ace or a Ten as his / her up facing card.

All pay out pay even cash except for if you are dealt out a Blackjack hand (ten and an Ace but not after splitting) and you will expect a house edge in line with the above rules and payouts of 0.36%.

Insurance will also be offered to participants, and while this is one of the worst wagers you can place when playing Blackjack is you do indeed take the insurance bet and it wins you then will get a payout of 2 to 1 on the Insurance bet stake amount.

By Marcus Barnesy
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Spanish Blackjack
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