In a way to keep up with the Joneses, our culture tries to keep the pace of the latest clothes, hip trends, fashionable places to go to as well as trendy new ways of entertainment. One of the most interesting comebacks for this year is online bingo. After many years of “taking the back seat” in the online gaming world and after a well needed digital makeover, bingo is now back on the spotlight with more fans and followers than ever.   But, what exactly makes bingo so trendy? Why does this game threaten to kick poker out of its throne?

Here are the top 5 reasons why it is trendy to play online bingo:

    1) Bingo is sugar and spice and everything nice:

Bingo is a form of gambling, but it is not seen as “the bad kind”. In short, you really don’t associate negative images like in the mafia movies (think Casino) with a game of online bingo. Bingo is always associated with clean healthy fun and as such you won’t be hearing negative comments about it from friends, family members or co-workers.

    2) Your iPhone loves bingo

Did you know you can play online bingo from your iPhone and other mobile devices? Waiting at the Dr’s office, for the manicurist or the dog’s hair groomer doesn’t have to be boring anymore! Simply grab your mobile device, login into the bingo site and win some money while you run errands.  Bingo sites platforms are easily loaded on high tech mobile devices so busy people like you can enjoy a quick session of bingo fun.

    3) Online bingo is the real social networking

All year round, an online bingo chat room pulsates like a bees’ hive! Fun, friendly chats take place between games and are moderated by the Bingo host -a staff member who caters to players like a party host would in real life. In no time your favorite bingo site becomes a place just like the TV show “Cheers”- where everybody knows your name.   Some people have even found true love at an online bingo chat room. Who knows, it may be your turn to get hit with Cupids arrow!

    4) Bingo is easy:

Have you seen poker players on TV? Wearing sunglasses indoors, sweating and taking hours to play only because it is such a complicated game that it takes more effort trying to conceal your next move than the actual enjoyment the game provides you. Bingo is a different ball game: every time a number gets called it is a matter of pure luck and there’s no way to really predict outcome. Best of all there’s no need to put on a frozen face to make sure the other players are thrown off. You can be your smiling self and still win.

    5) Bingo pays REAL cash:

Bingo payouts are great. Statistics show people win more money at bingo simply because players are more conscious about the fact that the game is ruled only by luck and thus a player cannot make crazy moves or over bet his/her bankroll. The money a player invests in bingo is usually returned back tenfold

    6) **BONUS Reason** You can play bingo at work:

Most workplaces block sports gambling, casino or poker websites however Bingo goes under the radar and it easily escapes the prying eye of your network administrator. We certainly do not condone playing bingo at your workplace if there is a policy against it, however your firewall most likely won’t have a problem with the idea of you learning how to play bingo during your break or your lunch hour.

Bingo is not a ladies game only. It is certainly not for a specific age group or demographic either; take ElDiegoBingo for example. This is a website aimed at Spain, Argentina and the rest of Latin American countries. In fact, El Diego Bingo is a proof of how the game of bingo itself has evolved: a clean cut look, cutting edge bingo technology and an inclusive approach that gives payouts and bonuses a top stop, this online bingo site in particular has created quite a buzz around it. With hundreds of new bingo sites popping up all over the internet we’re sure you’ll be hearing more about this classic game all over social networks, news, and even among friends.

By Deb Feinway
I’m a freelance writer and journalist; self published author of articles on Online Bingo games, bingo strategies and tips and books about online gaming sold in South America and Spain. I’m also a botanist and an online gambling enthusiast in my spare time.