Planning a long vacation? Get to your destination in a relaxed and happy frame of mind. The key to successful trips especially with children is to keep everyone entertained throughout the journey. Here are some great travel games which will help you pass the time whether you are travelling by road, air or sea. These travel games are also good for camping trips and picnics. So go ahead and check out these awesome travel game ideas for the entire family!

1. Travel Etch A Sketch

The perfect way to pass some time is to call upon your imagination! Visualize it, imagine it and draw it! This travel-sized version of the very popular drawing game, Etch A Sketch is a sure shot way to pass the time and have some fun. This version of Etch A Sketch is slightly scaled down with a 3″ x 4.5″ drawing screen.

2. Scavenger Hunt Travel Game

This simple and yet challenging card travel game is based on a scavenger hunt as the name suggests. Each person draws a card from the deck, and has to spot the person or thing named on the card, discarding the card if he or she succeeds. The race to spot things like a red car, a teddy bear, a yellow sign etc all on the road or in the cars passing by gets very exciting indeed. The first player to discard 10 cards wins the game.

3. 10 in 1 magnetic travel game

This mini magnetic travel game combo has lots of games to choose from. The games include Checkers, Chess, Parcheesi, Tic-Tac-Toe, Snakes and Ladders, Chinese Checkers, Backgammon, Elimination, Tricky Triangle, and Horse Race. The built in dice and magnetic playing tokens make this game a perfect one for the road!
4. Sequence Travel Version Game

The travel version of the popular family game Sequence comes packaged in a nifty travel case. The game board, mini deck of cards and pegs (in place of chips) all fit into this handy travel case. Just set it all up, and you’re ready to go! Watch the time zoom by as everyone enjoys this great game of strategy and luck.

5. 20Q Electronic Game

We’re all familiar with the game 20 Questions. In this version of the travel game, you play 20 questions against the electronic machine instead of another person. Just think of a subject/object, and answer the questions posed by the electronic game. Answer yes, no or sometimes and wait and watch whether the electronic genius guesses correctly or not.
6. Scrabble Travel Edition

For all you Scrabble addicts out there, the travel Scrabble is just as much fun as the regular sized version. The travel edition is compact with a zip case to carry the folding gameboard, letters, tile racks, and cloth pouch.

7. Cranium’s Big Book Of Outrageous Fun

Cranium has come out with another winner with Cranium’s Big Book Of Outrageous Fun! This great “The Write-it, Draw-it, Sculpt-it, Act-it Game-in-a-Book-in-a-Game” will keep your kids happily occupied right through the journey. The book includes a pull out mini Cranium Conga board game, a spinner, a host of write-on, wipe-off activity pages, and a Sign-in book to store all those interesting fun facts about friends and family. There is so much to do in one little book, that it’s just amazing!

8. I Spy

This award winning travel game is a fantastic way to pass the time. Based on the riddles of Jean Marzollo and photographs of Walter Wick, this memory game involves matching the cards and answering the riddles. The game contains 24 picture cards, 6 riddle cards and instructions.
9. Deluxe Yahtzee Travel Folio Edition

Yahtzee is always fun, whether you play in at home or on the road. This fantastic dice travel game comes with 5 dice, a dice holder tray, a dice cup, a pencil, a score pad and instructions. Fill up your score card as you go along the game, and wait for the lucky yahtzee to emerge!

10. The Worst Case Scenario Survival Card Game

As the name suggests, the aim of this travel game is to figure out a way out of the 108 worst case scenarios that the players encounter. The scenarios can include situations like “Do you know how to book the safest hotel room in case of fire? How to dress for a sandstorm?” and many more.

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