Lots of people who went thru school as one of the not cool people, spend much of their adult lives trying to become the cool kid they always wanted to be in school, and they go but and buy anything they can that may make people think they are cool, instead of taking a look at what makes some people cool and some people not cool.

Motorcycles and Cars: Many people who are looking to be cool will buy a motorcycle, maybe a Harley Davidson, a big sports bike or a sports car. This is because they feel that a fast car or motorcycle will make people look at them in a positive way, but in reality most people think less of these people.

Fashion: Some people think that being cool means spending all your money on expensive clothes just because they are the latest fad. The problems with fads is that once you get into them so is everyone else, and to be cool you have to be a leader and not a follower.

Music: People who are looking to improve their image in certain social groups will spend the time finding out what music is hip with those people and will adopt that music as their favorite music, in an attempt to make others think they are cool.

Gambling, many people fell that gambling makes them appear cool, and with the rise in pokers popularity on television the illusion that gambling makes you seem cool is also growing. But be careful some forms of gambling like poker, roulette, blackjack and craps can make you seem cool some games in the casinos can make you appear less cool. No one is going to think you cool for playing the slot machines, bingo or keno, unless you hit a large jackpot.

Jewelry, also known as Bling is often used as a status symbol and the general rule has become the bigger, more expensive and uglier the jewelry is the cooler the wearer has to be. This has led to some people going out wearing thousands of dollars r the ugliest looking pieces.

Personal Appearance, many feel that how they look determines how cool they are. These people will spend hours a day working out and are always dieting to try and keep themselves in the best possible physical shape to try to make them cool.

In reality cool is not about what you listen to, wear, ride or play. It is about who you are as a person. Usually if you talk to someone who is considered cool, they are not trying to be cool; they just do things that appeal to you, and the more you try to show these people how cool you are the less likely they are to find you cool or to want to be around you.

Being cool is not about wanting to be cool, being cool is about not caring what other people think and living life to its fullest, and in doing this you will find others with the same interests and these people will think of you as cool.

So I guess the key to being cool is just to make friends with people who enjoy the same things you enjoy and in doing so you will find that as your self image increases your need to be cool decreases, and then you will be cool.

By Eden Katz
Eden Kats always wanted to be a reporter. Last year she entered a contest with an essay about her favorite Online Casino game. She wrote about Blackjack and won.