A lot of people suffer with gambling problems, and with the development of online betting websites, gambling has become more readily available to the general public, and more and more people are gambling every year. A gambling addiction can have very serious effects, both on the person with the problem and those around him or her. Here are a few indicators of a gambling problem and tips to help cure it.

Do you have a gambling problem?

* Has gambling affecting your work or your studies? For example, are you taking time off work to gamble, or are you spending time on gambling websites whilst at work?
* After making a loss through gambling, do you feel an urge to gamble more in order to win it back? This rarely works, and you just get yourself into more trouble.
* Have you ever sold anything or borrowed money to fund your gambling habits? The only result of this is that you end up with two debts – your gambling losses and that which you owe your creditor.
* Do you ever set aside a specific portion of your earnings for gambling? Gambling should be a hobby, not something that you fully incorporate into your lifestyle.

What can you do about your gambling problem?

* Tell someone. The worst thing you can do with an addiction is keep it to yourself, because you will eventually convince yourself that you do not have a problem, and will carry on gambling. By telling someone, you are admitting to your problem, and also getting help from someone other than yourself.
* Avoid all places of gambling. If you gamble online, then close your account immediately, and have the website block your computer address. Also, get a pop-up blocker which will stop any gambling advertisements appearing on your screen.
* Get a hobby. This will help to take your mind off the issue of gambling, and also give you something to work towards. If you can keep your mind occupied with other thoughts, then you won’t be thinking about gambling.
* Receive constant help. It is no good avoiding gambling websites for a week and then abandoning the techniques you’d adopted, because you will soon fall back into old habits. Keep a consistent routine and try not to deviate from it, and you will soon forget about your old lifestyle and begin looking to the future.

By David Field
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