At first glance, it may well appear that winning at the slot machines – whether in a land casino or online – is simply and utterly a matter of pure chance, while others argue that it is possible to watch and analyse the machine’s mechanism in order to predict the exact point and time at which it will release the jackpot payment. While the latter is most probably a myth, there are certain things you can do in order to enhance your chances of winning decent returns at the slots.

First of all, winning at the slots should not be viewed simply in terms of bagging the largest jackpot payout – although this is certainly a nice way to win some cash – but rather about your level of accumulated profits. It is vital to remember as with all other forms of gambling that you should set a pre-determined win and loss limit and ensure that you adhere to it strictly. This will enable you to more effectively maximise your profits whilst minimising your losses. This will go some way to preventing you from running into some of the more common problems, especially those encountered by more regular players.

Remember, it is also unwise for most slot players (and many of us have done this at one time or another,) to simply keep on playing the slots just because they are on a hot winning run. If your machine is paying out constant winning runs, the odds become greater that, on a shortly upcoming spins, you stand to lose a greater amount of money. Therefore, it is surely better to get ahead and stay ahead. Once you have won, leave the field a victor rather than simply spinning your profits away. Remember, the ‘just one more big one’ mentality is exactly what the house is banking on – and indeed, is what they frequently bank on with your money! It is also a common argument to state ‘I will just keep going until I’ve recouped my losses’. This will simply result in your losing even more money, so stick to your loss limits and save it for a later date.

You can also learn to determine which slot machines are currently playing well, in order to maximise your winning chances. Use your experience of being in casinos and about what happens around winning machines. Usually, you will hear more happy cheers from these areas. You will often be more likely to find the better-playing machines in areas of high people-traffic as well, as winning machines in such areas are a great advertisement for the casinos. After all, the more people see someone winning, the more likely more people are to play the machine themselves. Also, the worst performing machines are generally to be found near the table games, such as poker and blackjack.

If you can, try to play Max Credits, as the majority of machines will only pay out the larger jackpots on such a play. As a result, if you merely play one or perhaps two coins at a time, you may well be selling yourself short.

By Sydney Jones
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