Online craps is a mad game played by a certain kind of person. Normally, this kind of person will be someone who has little control over their lives, or someone who has too much and uses craps as a way to address the balance. Either way, in this game you can either win a fortune, or lose it in a matter of seconds.

So to try and stop the latter occurring, let’s try and tilt the odds in your favour by giving you a few pointers in the right direction.

Obviously, like any game it is important to know the rules. Though the rules of craps are constant the betting system can alter slightly, especially when playing online craps. Make sure you choose an online casino that allows the same or better odds as a live casino. This comes into play with true odd bets, so make sure the online casino allows them to be played. These give you the best odds against the casino, so the more they allow you to bet at true odds, the better.

Don’t play too fast. Unlike a live casino where you can get caught up in the action and play frantically, never really having a chance to take everything in. The online version of play craps, does allow you to take a step back and see what is happening.Use the advantages of online craps to make sure you can assess what is going on. This way you have more control over what is going on and a greater chance of winning.

Proposition bets are to be avoided. Though the winnings should they come off do look very tempting, the chances of them going your way are very slender indeed. If you want to maximise your winnings, then do not play these bets. You can be sure that the odds of winning one of these are far higher than you would expect.

There are many superstitions surrounding craps, and though mathematically rubbish, many a gambler still believes that the chances of rolling odd numbers are greater than fifty – fifty, if the last three dice rolls have all been odd. This is simply not the case. Dice do not have a memory, so even in casino craps, changing bets based on the roll of a previous dice roll or rolls, will not really improve your chances of winning than dangling a turnip off your nose.
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