Tight aggressive Texas Hold Em poker is the best way to play for most people. It is the easiest way to win and has extremely low risk.

One of the biggest growing forms of poker right now is Texas Hold Em. This is a form of poker where players use their two cards known as whole cards, and the five community to form the best five card poker hand. There are many players out there who make a very lucrative career out of playing this game.

There are different poker strategies out there. The most common amongst beginner poker players is tight aggressive poker play. Tight is where you watch what hands you play to begin with. You will only go in maybe six to ten percent of hands, the rest of your hands you will fold pre flop.

Tight play is one of the more common among beginners because the chance of losing goes down, and it gives you a chance to read your opponents play style. A loose player will go in on most hands no matter what their cards.

Another form of telling different kinds of poker players is passive or aggressive. A passive player may straight call even if they have a good hand, or even fold if they are the least bit worried that they are beat.

Passive players are historically unsuccessful because they don

By Alex Poker
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