Casinos all over the world have always been known to be the home of serious betting games where players put up with a lot of mindset and stressful focus. Besides this are the intricate rules that has to be mastered for every game added to the complicated game pieces that has to be familiarized by one wanting to emerge victorious. Because of this, people have always had the impression that casinos are not really about having fun but just about making more and more money. Everything changed however when casino craps has been introduced. Known as a fun and thrilling game, craps has been the favorite reliever of regular casino goers.
Craps is a simple game that makes use of dice as its primary material. Compared to other casino games, this one is as exciting as it can get. In fact it is known to be the most enjoyable and pleasurable game in the casino. In fact, the craps table in a casino is where a lot of cheering and roaring happens between the players and the audience. While playing, loud laughter can also be heard. Craps is a simple dice game but the table where it is played is custom made and the dice are inspected according to high quality standards. It is even checked regularly for any untoward appearance and feature so the players and betters can be ensured of accurate results.
In playing craps, there is a rule established about replacing the dice used for the games after a few hours of use. There are even specific rules in handling the dice to ensure that it is tamper free. To begin the game, the player must throw the dice handling using only either of his left or right hand. The throw must also be with enough force for the dice to strike the walls of the other end of the table. There will however be instances when the dice will be thrown out of the confines of the table. During these incidents, an inspector comes to aid and checks whether the dice is still good for the game.
Another good thing about casino crap is that it can be played between greater numbers of players. A maximum of 20 players can seat around a table for a stimulating round. Even at this number, each player gets a chance to throw the dice or if not to at least bet on the person throwing. There are various ways to thro and bet but all are done under the supervision of a box man, a stickman and of course the dealers.
Even with this mechanics, craps is not a complicate game at all. It is actually very easy to indulge in after the player gets the hang of it. Understanding the basic rules and knowing the primary rules on handling the dice and dealing will get one through it. Craps is not only a thrilling betting game; it is also an effective pastime and bonding moments for friends.

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