There are so many online poker rooms where you can play poker online every day and free of charge, just by downloading and installing they free poker software’s. This said it is not that easy to find or choose the right room to play poker online with all the lucrative welcome bonus there are offering to all new beginners.

To play poker on an online poker room you will have to acquire some basic and essentials tips that will make you a poker winning player.

Many online poker guide site will offer you there ratings and reviews of the best poker rooms, these reviews And rating are set out to help visitors find the best online poker rooms to play poker online. As well as review of various tournaments that offer the online poker rooms that they have selected.

Poker tournaments give you pure adrenaline and are always a great shows to be seen or to participate, you have many great poker tournaments like; WSOP, WPT, EPT, ECOOP…

The more you play poker, the more you will become better and better especially if you are planning on taking part to one of the many poker tournaments live or online. By playing often this will provide you the knowledge necessary to take part and play a good poker game such as Texas Hold’em or Omaha Hi and Hi / Lo au any of many poker variants out here. For example:


The Texas Hold’em is currently the poker game most play in the world, whether played online, in live tournaments or in casinos.
But this variant nearly fell into oblivion and it is thanks to televised tournaments that Texas Hold’em is the most played poker game.

As exciting as the Texas Hold’em games is, it will take you actually a very little time to get familiar with the rules and the strategies, this said it may take a lifetime to be mastered it.

Omaha is another variation of Texas Hold’em and it is played with four cards instead of two. The same hand of five card using exactly two of the four hole cards and three board cards to wins. Unlike the Texas Holdem, you cannot use more than three cards from the board. The betting and blinds are exactly the same as The Texas Hold’em.

Long before the Texas Hold’em became the “poker game”, 7 Card Stud was what you played when had or organised a poker night. Skills, memories, strategies, but in any case you will be bored.

As well as poker games, most of the online poker site will offer you some of the most popular online casino games such as online blackjack, video poker, slot machine, online roulette and all related roulette games. Although it is impossible to consistently beat these games, at least for the regular, they provide good relaxation and entertainment.

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