In the dark days before the internet age, on the few occasions that I used to go to land casinos, I always left feeling a little bit frustrated. The truth is that I wanted to try and play some roulette, but there always one major problem. I found it hard to come to accept that the croupier always seemed to be speeding up the game, telling me when to bet and even more so coming up with that dreaded statement ” no more bets”. I would stand at the sidelines and watch as the players were getting more and more frustrated because they weren’t getting nearly enough time to get all of their bets down. On too many occasions, I decided that I didn’t want to be a part of this circus, so I moved on and went play blackjack or baccarat or sometimes a game of poker. In the back of my mind was a nagging fear that casino roulette was the game that would suit my style the most..
So when the first online casinos began to first open their online doors, I was one of the first players standing outside, waiting to get in. I was encouraged after reading some surveys stating that, like me, thinking players are trying their hands at online roulette and enjoying the experience entirely.
They had discovered something that I had always suspected. In land based casinos croupier harassed players to “place their bets” very quickly because the casino management had made a study showing that the more time the casino gave the players to place vets, the more the table lost. So over the course of decades, land casino management insisted that the croupiers would only allow the players very little time and they would be unable to properly cover the tables.
Still a little unsure of the authenticity of online gaming, I decided that I would take a “trial spin” as a roulette player as a guest, so that I could get a feel for the game the way that I wanted to play it, as well the online casino itself. Of course, when I talked to some friends about it, one sort of smirked at me and said ” Of course you know that the software that the online casinos use for guest players is different from that of real money player, and you will win more often playing the guest version” I thought about this for a while and carried out a bit of an experiment to see if my fried was talking out of his… hat. I joined a casino as a real player and downloaded the software. Before I made my first deposit, I contacted their customer service department saying that I was unsure about playing for real money for a while, they were very friendly and cooperative and allowed me to open a guest account. So I played for a while on the same software that I downloaded as a guest player, thus disproving my so -called friend’s theory. I want to say roulette player play roulette.
The moral of the story is “trust the software at your online casino”
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