The game of bingo has long been a popular pastime for many residents of the United Kingdom. Capitalizing on this popular momentum a game known as the National Bingo Game arose during the 1980s. The National Bingo Game permits bingo players anywhere within the Unied Kingdom to play together in a bingo game. Overseen by the National Bingo Game association, the National Bingo Game can be played in over 500 bingo clubs. Many residents spread out all across the United Kingdom are able to have access to the National Bingo Game

From the time of its conception in the 1980s, technology has seen staggering improvements. These improvements were adopted in the National Bingo Game and made certain features better. The most important being the ease to which all participating bingo clubs could hook up to the game. The bingo clubs that participate in the National Bingo Game may only played three games a day. National Bingo Games are prohibited on Christmas Day.

In a National Bingo Game all of the bingo clubs would be given the bingo numbers. These numbers would then be called to players during a specified time. Once a player in any game of bingo club has a bingo, this would be relayed back to the National Bingo Game. The first winner reported to would win the National Bingo Game.

Many bingo players find the National Bingo Game exciting. They find it entertaining and enjoy participating in it. Over time the prizes have become more lucrative. This is due to the fact that the number of participants has grown substantially over time. The potential for a large winning exists and attracts many bingo players throughout the United Kingdom. Some estimates project that since its conception in the 1980s, the National Bingo Game has paid out almost ten million pounds to its participants.

Prior to 1991, the National Bingo Game was the most widely played computer game in the United Kingdom. In 1991 the United Kingdom saw a National Lottery introduced. The quick popularity of the national lottery caused the National Bingo Game to move to second place.

By Daniel Johnson
Bingo games are very similar to playing the National lottery. Both games mainly depend on the luck of the numbers, except when you win at bingo you shout Bingo!