Right this second, someone is gaming in an online casino. Whether it’s online blackjack or internet slots, online casino are played by hundreds of online casino gamers spanning the planet. What do we know about these players? Research from Nottingham Trent University aimed to discover just who played in internet casinos.

Questioning over 10,000 internet casino players from across the world, the survey attempted to discover what kind of people were clicking onto internet gaming sites. The investigation was extensive. From discovering which was gamers’ most popular internet casino game – from online blackjack to online fruit machines – to investigating the specific motivations of online casino gamers, the research attempted to present a concise view on the trends of internet casino gamers.

Female gamers

Women make up fifty-five per cent of internet casino gamers. The survey found out that the majority of females have been engaging in online casino games like online blackjack for two years. It also found out that females are likely game for one and two hours gaming every session.

Despite this, most of women asked said that they probably spent between one or two hours playing during each internet casino session; the majority of men responded that their time online were considerably less.


While males only equate to forty-five per cent of the online casino community, it was discovered that they were likely to play online casino games like online blackjack or online slots for considerably shorter periods than women gamers. The investigation also found that males were more likely to play games like online blackjack with higher stakes. Female gamers were found to bet with less money.

What gamers want

The survey went on to uncover the motives of online blackjack and several other casino gamers. Men surveyed stated that they enjoyed the stimulation of online casinos; the thrill of placing cash on a game of online blackjack or slots.

Females, in contrast, were discovered to play online casino games for relaxation purposes. The research highlighted three additional reasons for gaming online blackjack games and other online casino games. These included entertainment, socialisation and boredom.

The casino choice of a gamer

How online blackjack and slots gamers pick their internet casino was also focused on during in the study. According to the study, online blackjack and poker players look for a large selection of games in their internet casino. When asked about any other reasons which influenced their selection of online casino, seventy-six per cent of those questioned commented that online bonuses, like those found in online blackjack or slots were essential for them. A large selection of respondents commented that they played on an online casino judging by its reputation.

By Marcus Miles
Marcus Miles is a writer for Kerching Casino. An amateur gamer, based in Manchester, United Kingdom, he has been writing about gaming-related issues for over ten years, having started his career writing about gaming in the editorial department of a regional poker magazine in Liverpool. He has been a contributor to a number of internet gaming websites.