This top most common poker mistake gets almost every player every time. Even the pros make this mistake from time to time – but don’t let it happen to you.

It’s easy to win poker by simply playing a solid game. A good strategy, strong play and most importantly, making low amounts of common poker mistakes is enough to become a profitable poker player. But what are the worst poker mistakes to make?

Number 1 Top Common Poker Mistake Of All Time

The first and worst mistake that every single player in poker makes is they fail to mix up their game enough. They play predictably, and constantly the same, and this is pure death.

Most often players find a nice strategy that works and makes money and stick with it. Then they’ll find they start losing – the same strategy isn’t working. They problem is they are playing predictably.

Or players will be doing well at a table and then start to lose more often. It’s like the other players are reading their cards. Guess what, they aren’t changing up their game enough.

This is a simple mistake to fix – simply play the same cards in different ways, or play different cards in the same way to each other. Your opponents won’t have any idea what you’re going to do next.

This is the first and worst common poker mistake every single player in history has made once or twice.

Generally when I start to lull and not do too well it’s because I have got stuck in a bit of a rut playing a similar game. I immediately change up my game and things start working out again.

Now, you are probably quite aware of a time when you didn’t quite mix up your game enough and are realizing how it was your downfall and cost you. Well, it doesn’t ever have to happen again. Because when you learn all about the worst common poker mistakes you can then prevent yourself from making them. And by doing this you will become a much better poker player much faster.

By Alex Poker
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