Eurosport Poker is a leading on-line poker web site and a strong brand both in France and the rest of Europe. The brand name is managed by SPS Betting which certainly is an organization absolutely owned by TF1, a leading France media company. Eurosport is one of the few gambling firms that enjoys a permit to operate the gaming services in tightly gaming regulated France. The regulating body, ARJEL, licensed the company giving the acknowledged brand an enormous enhancement in the country. Eurosport is just the seventh company certified in France to provide online poker packages in the country.

The Merger With Ongame Network France

A number of of the other major growths of the Eurosport Poker is a union with Ongame Network France that’s managed by Bwin Interactive. The merger makes the corporate to be one of the largest on-line poker company in France. On-line Network has a strong existence in United kingdom among other European countries. The union joined together some of the largest online poker names involving On-line Networks is the leading on-line poker company in Italy and with the union, the businesses hope to have a similar domination in France. Ongame Networks is as well stated to have the leading network of online poker games in the world. They are also a major provider of software program that’s used by many other online poker websites and also have a line for growing mobile poker application. The mobile software is being figured to be a major world wide smash and the firm is assertively marketing the cellular model to keep up market control. So, the union with Eurosport Poker is an enormous break in Eurosports’ life. Now, they can leverage on the sophisticated cell poker application plus the poker software to regulate a giant followership in France.

The Entrance To TV Poker

1 of the most important marketing boosts that Eurosport has got for the year 2010 is to participate in the Television show, French Heads-Up Poker Championship. This show that run in March in most Europe nations was a reality performance that displayed a number of the greatest on-line poker gamers in France plus the extended Europe. These 32 top players were prearranged to play wide-awake Eurosport Poker which is considered one of the hardest poker playoffs online. The game was arranged on knock off challenges and the highest player won 160,000 Euros. The games were broadcasted to audience live and this offered them big publicity.

Eurosport has additionally established Pan-European Television channel that showcases live TV poker games is broadcast. The entrance into TV Eurosport Poker may even enhance the market dominance of the firm. The TV show, Game Fight, reveals live poker games of gamers in numerous countries in Europe.

What Next For Eurosport Poker

With the most important emphasis being their TV enterprise and their networking mergers, Eurosport is determined to be the chief in on-line poker not solely in Europe but all through the globe. The relaxing on US laws that prohibited online gambling inside the United States is also excellent news for the poker firm. The senior management has laid out plans to join the American market. Coming into the US market shall be a serious leap forward for the firm.

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