Every week, thousands of players log on to Bucky Bingo and join one of the many sessions of online bingo available. But were you aware that the game was once called ‘beano’? Or that it was thought up in Italy? Well, read on to find out more about the entertaining and exciting pastime we know as online bingo.

Bingo – a brief history

It is thought that bingo was invented as far back as 1530. Although this century may be famous for the painting of the Mona Lisa or for Spain’s colonisation of South America, perhaps the biggest event – at least for online bingo players – was the beginning of an Italian lottery called ‘Lo Guioco del Lotto D’Italia’.

This Italian Lottery was played each Saturday evening – it still is even today – where gamers would gather round and tick off numbers which were announced by a 16th century bingo caller. France and then Germany caught the bingo bug from Italy, proving the game was quite the success. However, this game wasn’t known as bingo, but beano!

However, it was an American that eventually came up with the name bingo. Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman from Georgia, coined the phrase after seeing the game being played at a carnival in 1929. After getting someone to make the bingo cards, this good man set about promoting the game to the people of the USA.

History was made

Currently one of Britain’s biggest independent club operator, Buckingham Bingo was established over three decades ago. Sister site Bucky Bingo was born and became an instant hit when the internet made online bingo a possibility. Today, Bucky Bingo and Buckingham welcome millions of players each year who want to compete for amazing bingo prizes and have a great laugh.

The Bucky online bingo site offers a fantastic collection of sessions, as well as a number of amazing promotions and bonus offers. Join now and start playing today!

By Marcus Miles
Marcus Miles is an online casino expert who writes on behalf of theEword for several sites including http://www.Kerching.com.